You never hear them sympathize with PEOPLE but then also say that they don’t agree that people should be able come to the UK, and state their reasons as to why in a respectful manner.

They always respond with pure and utter hate and zero sympathy or understanding. How can you not sympathise with another human being who feels as though their only option is to leave behind their family, friends and country, in order to feel safer and start a new life in a country that is so foreign to them.

I imagine all PEOPLE would much prefer to live in peace, happiness and safety, surrounded by the people they love, than risk death to travel to the unknown and be met with hatred by so many people.

How do you not visualise a 15 year old boy leaving his family and friends to travel alone to the border, with hardly any money or food, then risking his life to get onto a moving truck and sitting there in pure darkness, alone and afraid, not knowing what will happen to him, not knowing if he will make it and not knowing what he will do if he arrives in a place that is foreign to him?

As a person who was born in the UK and wishes the best and safety for all, I can at times understand peoples anger and frustrations at how “easy” it seems to get into the UK, but if you ask the young 15 year old boy who risked his life to come here if it was easy, I do not believe that his answer would be yes.

As a person who lives in the UK it makes me feel angry, sad, frustrated and vengeful when people kill innocent children, women and men in acts of terror. But I do not blame that on a 15 year old boy who is simply trying to make a better life for himself. I blame the individuals who commit these acts of terror.

As a person who gives to the homeless PEOPLE whenever I can, I hate knowing that there are children, women and men sleeping rough on the streets of the UK, but I do not blame that on a 15 year old boy who is scared and alone in a foreign country, I blame our government and the society we live in.

As a person who loves, supports and appreciates the NHS, I hate that all NHS staff are seemingly undervalued as PEOPLE and are underpaid by our government, but I do not blame that on a 15 year old boy who has left all he knows behind to try and find peace, I blame our government.

As a person who can show respect and appreciation when it is due, I appreciate and respect PEOPLE in the armed forces who risk their lives everyday and spend months at a time away from their loved ones only to be to tossed to one side and forgotten about once they become “obsolete”, but I do not blame a 15 year old boy who has ran away from his home country in fear of being killed in a civil war.

It saddens and angers me to know that we are surrounded by PEOPLE who think this way, who want to blame a person, a child, for the problems that we face in the UK.

And while I agree that the UK does have its own very feel problems, if you can sleep tonight without fear of gun fire or bombs dropping on your house and killing the PEOPLE you love the most.

If you can get up and go to the fridge and eat some fresh food and turn the tap on to drink some cold fresh water.

If the closest you ever get to a war zone is watching it on the news from the comfort of your warm house, surrounded by the PEOPLE you love, and switching it off when you get bored.

If you at no point today or ever have you felt as though you needed to risk your life and leave all that you love behind in order to travel to a foreign country in order to to make a better life for yourself, then you really shouldn’t be trying to judge any PEOPLE who experience feeling this way every single day.

Yes some bad PEOPLE will undoubtedly get into the UK, but being a refugee doesn’t make you a bad person, being a bad person makes you a bad person, and who are you to judge another if you’re inclined to laugh, mock and make fun at the pain, suffering and even death of another human being who simply wanted to make a better, happier and safer life for himself.

If I wished harm and death upon on you because you’re different to me, what would that make me in your eyes, what would you call me? Because the answer to that question is exactly what you are.

I am not a racist, I am Black, I am English, I am British, and you certainly do not represent me and the country I call home.

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