My Skin Is Not A Weapon

A young Black boy Josiah Wheeler an 11-year-old musician and artist from Maryland went viral for his powerful, poetic prose, which captured the heavy atmosphere of racial injustice in the United States.

He decided to channel his emotions into a poem, titled

“My Skin’s Not a Weapon.”

It’s hard being on that black list. I know, struggling with the racist, Protest it’s gonna get violent. I know we’re all struggling.

Look to me colour’s all you see, George Floyd his neck under your knee, Bettie Jones killed on Christmas Eve, By the cops we all loved.

Protest our rights are what we need. Tear gas in my eye help me please. How’d this all lead in history? My skin’s not a weapon.

Having to tell your child, The person you want to have everything, That because of their skin tone They might not be liked, Or get special opportunities.

Or to have to teach them to not let police think you’re a threat. Because God forbid that. Some of us live that.

A post by LTAR member and Pass The Mic host, Carl Blackstock.

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