A post by LTAR member
Sunny Sian.


Scarred knuckles

Scarred face

Battles won

Battles lost

Some seen

Some unseen

All… felt


Why do they call me names in the playground?

Why wont the teachers don’t do anything?

Finding solace in the dinner ladies 

Taken under a shielding wing

Wings of safety

Wings of protection.


Why do they say I’m dirty?

Going home to scrub my skin

Why wont this dirty skin wash away?


Why do they stare at me in the street?

Whisper things under their breath


Why do they shout at me on the bus?


I don’t understand

I am going home


They see me in the street

This again?

Just want a word

Never just a word

Empty your pockets

What have I done?

I’ll ask the questions


You’re not welcome here

There’s the door GET OUT!

We don’t serve YOUR kind here

Ok ok no need to shout

I only wanted a beer


Here we go again

Do you know why I’ve pulled you over?

We both know the real reason

I can smell cannabis

Are you taking the piss?

I have the right to…

I know my rights

This isn’t my first time

It wont be my last


Applications sent

No response

Interviews had

No calls back


A different approach 

A different name 

Interviews had

Feedback: ‘Overqualified’ 

More like: ‘over colourfied’


A lifetime of scars dealt

A lifetime of scars felt


Scarred by fights in school

Scarred by fights in the street

Scarred by words

Scarred by actions

Scarred by lack of actions

Scarred by police interaction

Scarred by the way they look at me

Scarred by the way they treat me

Scarred on my skin

Scarred in my mind

Scarred in my soul


But never… in my heart

2 Replies to “Scars”

  1. Thank you for sharing Sunny 🙏🏽
    Beautifully written.
    Poignant and painful yet your heart is perhaps pure..?
    Sacred for sure.

    Liked by 2 people

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