Critical Race Theory

Over the past few months tension has gripped the world sparked by one particular tragic occurrence of wildly overzealous police action resulting in the death of a man named George Floyd.

Since then, many nations and officials across the continents of the world have denounced the actions and behaviour of these 4 officers involved. So much so, the movement of black voices and their allies has been able to be amplified off the back of this mood.

Amidst the possibility of the progress being made in diversity and inclusion training continuing in the workplace somewhat dwindles after resounding comments by numerous government officials in the UK, and, singing from the same hymn sheet, the US suggesting it will pull funding from some organisations if they are offering training that ‘teaches white guilt as a fact’ and ‘causes division’, LTAR members Jermaine and Hannah sit down to have an informal chat exploring ‘Critical Race Theory’, workplace training and the general sentiment around it.


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