Meet The Team

We are a small team that is part of an ever growing community of driven and passionate antiracists. We are here to help and encourage people to speak openly and freely about racism in order to help create change.

Courtney Gibbs.
LTAR to me is hope, hope shared and embraced by many. Hope to change the narrative, hope to put an end to racism. It’s all love!
Christian Igbokwe.
LTAR to me is community. It a time, a space and a way for like minded antiracists to come together as one voice to help create change. A community that allows people to speak openly and freely about their experiences of racism and discrimination. Respect to you all!
Carl Blackstock. The more we understand each other the better chance there is for us to help create real and lasting change! LTAR is about building a community that keeps striving to gain ground on making positive affects on our society.
Hannah Shanindel.
LTAR has allowed me a much needed and long over due opportunity to reach out to a wider Black community to share our experiences, gain knowledge and gather strength in the fight for equality and justice. The group has come together in solidarity during this newly ignite wave of global BLM movements.

Want to join the team?